Top 10 Wedding Tips

Creating a wedding can be very troublesome. You have so much to plan out and even when you start a year in advance, things can go so fast. In no time, you have less than a few weeks before the big day but still there is a lot to be done. Brides and grooms can easily get stressed out and under a lot of pressure. However, when you know a few simple wedding tips, you can actually plan a wedding and make things go far smoother.

You Must Plan a Budget

Wedding costs can go through the roof within a matter of weeks and it can get to a point where it stretches your finances to the limit. However, if you want to keep your wedding manageable and avoid getting into a lot of debt, it’s necessary to budget. This may not sound fun but it’s the only real solid way of getting a nice wedding without the added costs. While it would be nice to have the wedding of your dreams, if it’s not financially possible you have to scale back. Taking on thousands of dollars’ worth of debt for the wedding is crazy because it can be more intimate with a smaller wedding.

Forget Crash Dieting, It Doesn’t Work!

Thousands of brides think if they go on a crash course diet in the weeks leading up to the wedding, that’ll make them fit into the dress on the big day, however, it’s not advisable. This is not only potentially bad for your health but a simple way to put even more weight on. For example, you can diet for two months before the wedding and lose a lot of weight but in the few weeks before the wedding and you return to eating normally, you can put on so much weight. Instead, you have to watch your portion size, fit in a lot of exercise and eat healthily. Crash diets don’t work and can be a real nightmare for most brides as well. Instead, stick to a healthy eating plan and a good exercise routine.

Keep Your Guest List Manageable and Reasonable

There needs to be a limit when it comes to your wedding. You can’t keep adding just because you’ve remembered an old friend you want at the wedding or because a wedding guest wants to bring someone extra. If you allow this, you’ll increase your overall costs and make your wedding spiral out-of-control. Instead you need to keep a reasonable number when it comes to guests so that you aren’t constantly changing things. Also, if you don’t want such a large wedding, have a limit to your guest list.

Have Slightly Extra Food and Tables Just In Case

Despite having a final confirmation over your guest list, the numbers can change, even on the wedding day. There may be guests who turn up even though they say they weren’t coming and people may be tempted to eat more. Having a few extra tables and chairs would be ideal just in case more guests arrive. That too goes the same with the amount of food available. Having slightly more will avoid people going without just in case the numbers increase unexpectedly.

Always Have Several Dress Fittings – And Don’t Forget the Shoes

A bride’s dress absolutely must fit so that she feels comfortable and happy with it and it’s necessary to have many fittings before the big day. Having several fittings leading up to a wedding is standard but having extra fittings a week before the big day should be sufficient enough time to make any alterations. It might be wise to have another fitting the day before the big day too so that if anything needs to be changed, it can be. Remember, to also try on the wedding shoes. You don’t want them to be too tight or too big so they too must be worn. If you wear them around the house for a few days before the wedding, it will give you time to get used to them and avoid hurting your feet on the big day.

Prepare For Bad Weather

While you plan for a summer wedding that doesn’t guarantee the weather will be the same. Remember, weather changes so quickly and on a big day such as a wedding, it can easily ruin things. It may be necessary to have a gazebo erected on the wedding day so that should the rain start, your guests are covered. Also, if it’s really windy or snowy outside, you have to have someone on hand to clear the way to the cars so the dresses don’t get ruined. When you prepare for any eventuality with the weather you can hopefully avoid disaster. read more from

Get a Sample of All Foods before the Big Day

Would you be happy to know your guests didn’t like the food they were served? What would you do if you didn’t like the food on the big day? Its stupid things such as this that ruin a day so it’s best to know the foods you’re having. Even though you’ve picked them, you need to be sure the person catering the wedding makes them however you like them. Always have a taste test weeks before the wedding so that you can be happy with the food being served.

Hire a Professional Photographer Rather Than an Amateur

You are probably going to take several photographs of the big day and it’s crucial to have a professional handle this part. Now, a friend or family member might love the idea of being the photographer on the day but let’s be honest the end result might not be ideal. Professionals know what they’re doing and as long as you find a photographer with a good reputation and a history of wedding photography, it can be easier. Amateurs can get things wrong so you really have to think about professional photographers rather than inexperienced photographers.

Don’t Have a Set Wedding Gift List

weddingToo many couples write up a list of gifts they want in hopes of their guests buying several items of them. Having a wedding gift list will avoid people constantly asking gifts to buy but think about what you’re asking of them. If you register with a certain store or ask for expensive gifts, they might not be affordable for many guests. How would you feel if you couldn’t buy the wedding gift you wanted? It’s embarrassing for others so sometimes it’s best to let the guests buy whatever gifts they feel is best for you. It may be easier for them and you can still get many lovely gifts.

Forget Other Weddings, Concentrate On Yours!

When it comes to planning your wedding, you must think about your wedding and no others. Trying to outdo someone else’s wedding …

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Prepare For Your Big Day

A lot of first-time weddings don’t go as they planned and it’s all down to ill-preparing. Brides and grooms don’t have the necessary experience to make a wedding go without a hitch and it can leave most confused. However, when you are preparing and planning for your big day, you really don’t think about simple things that could make the day easier! So how can you prepare for your wedding?

Hire a Professional Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time and for most couples they truly do not believe they need any help whatsoever. However, it isn’t easy to plan a wedding especially since there are lots of things that need to be done. For this reason you absolutely need to hire a professional wedding planner. These are the ideal people to turn to for help and they really can make your day go off to a flying start. Wedding planners can take the pressure off your shoulders and can actually handle almost everything needed including hiring caterers and photographers.

Keep Calm and Have Someone Else Deal with Any Wrongs

big dayWhen things start to go wrong on your big day or days before it, you can easily panic and believe the wedding isn’t going to go how you plan or want it to. However, while things go wrong, they can be easily dealt with. It can be very stressful to deal with these problems on your own, even with a planner around to help which is why it’s best to allow someone with an unbiased and fresh prospectus on the situation. Having a family member such as your sister, mother, father, or a close friend to deal with the issues can make your wedding go far smoother. They can use their instincts and ensure the situation is handled so the wedding isn’t stalled and you aren’t stressed out either. read more news from

Ensure Your Hair and Makeup Artist Knows What You Want

Deciding on the wedding day how you want your hair styled can be a huge mistake. When the hair stylist has taken hours to fix your hair, you don’t want to find it’s not what you expected. It’s very much necessary to decide in advance how your hair should be styled. You can have a dry-run several weeks before the big day and get a thorough idea how the hair and makeup will look like. If you don’t like something there is sufficient time to change things around so on the big day, the hair and makeup people can get on with what they need to. It’s far simpler when you know what you want and what they have to do.

A Wonderful Occasion

Weddings are amazing but preparing for them is something else. When you’re the bride, groom or directed related to either party it’s a tough and often stressful time. You need all your strength and patience to get through them. That is why you have to think carefully and have someone on hand to help. Plan a wonderful wedding and enjoy the special, memorable day. visit this link here!

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Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Weddings are supposed to be romantic and very special but sometimes if you don’t plan them right, they go wrong. It’s awful because even though you and your special someone got married, you always remember what went wrong rather than what went right. That is one of the biggest reasons to plan your wedding months in advance. So, what do you need to know about planning your perfect wedding? Read on to find out more.

Think About the Theme of Your Wedding

Weddings aren’t always as traditional as you might think, some are themed. Now, themed weddings might sound strange but they can be subtle and very romantic. So, if you have a special idea in mind, you could look at incorporating that into your wedding plans. However themes aren’t always a necessity especially if you don’t want anything too fancy. You could look at a more traditional wedding rather than a themed one which can be amazing still.

Do You Want A Big Or Small Wedding Or Something In Between?

For some, they absolutely want a huge wedding with over a thousand guests but it’s not always realistic! It really is important to think about how big or small a wedding you want. Write a list of names of the people you want at the wedding. This list doesn’t have to be perfect yet it’s just to give you a fair idea as to the size of wedding you want to have. There is no need to have a large wedding, not if you don’t want to. Think about what’s ideal for your day and what you feel comfortable with.

What Sort Of Budget Do You Have Available?

wedding cakeJust because you’d like a big fancy wedding with all the trimmings, it may not be possible financially. Weddings are costly and can easily get out-of-hand which is why you have to budget. If you do this, you’ll know how much you have to spend and it’ll make things far simpler in the long-term too. It doesn’t matter if you want a big or small wedding the costs can be very high so you must budget in order to get what you want. Yes, budgeting is the boring side to planning a wedding but it’s necessary because you don’t want to start your marriage with a mountain of debt.

Consider the Venue for the Wedding and Party

Next, you have to think about the type of venue you want the wedding to take place. Do you want a traditional church wedding or are you looking at combining the ceremony and after party? These are the things you must think of so that you can choose a suitable venue. If you want a church wedding, you have to book the church for the service and think about arranging transport to another location for the after party. Also, you will need to book another venue for the party which isn’t really that difficult. However, having the ceremony and party at the same location can be somewhat easier but it does depend on what you would prefer. Choose the venue that offers great value for money and what makes you feel happy most of all. read more from

Have a Great Day

Who doesn’t want a perfect wedding? Every bride and groom wants their day to go without a hitch and make it a day to remember which is why planning is crucial. The above tips are just a few elements you have to think about when planning a wedding. With a bit of careful planning you can have a perfect wedding day.…