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Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Weddings are supposed to be romantic and very special but sometimes if you don’t plan them right, they go wrong. It’s awful because even though you and your special someone got married, you always remember what went wrong rather than what went right. That is one of the biggest reasons to plan your wedding months in advance. So, what do you need to know about planning your perfect wedding? Read on to find out more.

Think About the Theme of Your Wedding

Weddings aren’t always as traditional as you might think, some are themed. Now, themed weddings might sound strange but they can be subtle and very romantic. So, if you have a special idea in mind, you could look at incorporating that into your wedding plans. However themes aren’t always a necessity especially if you don’t want anything too fancy. You could look at a more traditional wedding rather than a themed one which can be amazing still.

Do You Want A Big Or Small Wedding Or Something In Between?

For some, they absolutely want a huge wedding with over a thousand guests but it’s not always realistic! It really is important to think about how big or small a wedding you want. Write a list of names of the people you want at the wedding. This list doesn’t have to be perfect yet it’s just to give you a fair idea as to the size of wedding you want to have. There is no need to have a large wedding, not if you don’t want to. Think about what’s ideal for your day and what you feel comfortable with.

What Sort Of Budget Do You Have Available?

wedding cakeJust because you’d like a big fancy wedding with all the trimmings, it may not be possible financially. Weddings are costly and can easily get out-of-hand which is why you have to budget. If you do this, you’ll know how much you have to spend and it’ll make things far simpler in the long-term too. It doesn’t matter if you want a big or small wedding the costs can be very high so you must budget in order to get what you want. Yes, budgeting is the boring side to planning a wedding but it’s necessary because you don’t want to start your marriage with a mountain of debt.

Consider the Venue for the Wedding and Party

Next, you have to think about the type of venue you want the wedding to take place. Do you want a traditional church wedding or are you looking at combining the ceremony and after party? These are the things you must think of so that you can choose a suitable venue. If you want a church wedding, you have to book the church for the service and think about arranging transport to another location for the after party. Also, you will need to book another venue for the party which isn’t really that difficult. However, having the ceremony and party at the same location can be somewhat easier but it does depend on what you would prefer. Choose the venue that offers great value for money and what makes you feel happy most of all. read more from

Have a Great Day

Who doesn’t want a perfect wedding? Every bride and groom wants their day to go without a hitch and make it a day to remember which is why planning is crucial. The above tips are just a few elements you have to think about when planning a wedding. With a bit of careful planning you can have a perfect wedding day.